BharatCaller Caller ID and Spam Blocker


BharatCaller is an award winning Indian Caller ID App that helps you identify the True ID of the caller.

BharatCaller is better than any other CallerID app because it emphasises on the importance of user’s data privacy.

Here are some salient features of BharatCaller ID:

* 100% Made in India and Made for Indians

It is 100% Made in India by a Team of Engineers from elite colleges like BITS Pilani, IIT Delhi, ISM Dhanbad and IIM Bangalore.

★ Find True Identity of the Caller

BharatCaller ID has a huge database of over 100 million users from India which is sourced from various data providers. All the names are processed through our in-house name sanitization algorithm that then displays the most accurate name for the caller.

★ Data Privacy

Our main focus is on data privacy and hence we do not track any user, we do not share any information with any third party. In short, we do not sell your data to anyone. We believe that your data belongs to you and a good caller id must not compromise on that.

★ Smart Call Log

Shows in detail with the caller name in recent call history. Including the missed calls, completed incoming and outgoing calls. No unknown phone numbers anymore.

★ Lightening Fast Phone Number Search

Search for any phone number on our lightening fast search system. Use the phone number lookup app to see the True Identity of the Caller.

★ All Indian Languages

BharatCaller ID believes that India is abundant of awesome cultures, and we love India for this. Hence we have tried to support almost all the Indian languages. If you feel that we are missing your language, just message us on and we will add it as soon as possible!

★ Spam Detection and Spam Blocking

We are continuously monitoring spam calls and adding these spammers to our spamlist. You have the option to block all the spammers with just a simple setting.

* Referral

We have recently added a new referral feature through which you can earn PayTM Cash by referring your friends to use BharatCaller.

★ No Ads on Caller ID Screen

BharatCaller is completely ad free as of now and it does not have any ad and hence it does not pester you will annoying blocking ads.

Download Bharat Caller App Here

Why choose BharatCaller ID ?

– Powerful numbers database to find call detail of unknown phone number.

– Smart phone number Search help to know who is calling.

– Scan and identify your call history. Get contact and display details about strange calls.

– Identify BharatCaller ID with name and photo.

– Safe and easy-to-use.

– Support single and dual SIM phones

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