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Here’s Why New York Is A Great Place To Be An Entrepreneur

1. Online Business Resources

I often joke that I can start a company from my phone, but it’s actually very true. The ease with which one can start a business in New York is great given the challenges that follow to make it a profitable and successful one. From filing your company structure to local health permits, everything can be done online and you don’t even have to be a webmaster. — Henry Glucroft, Henry’s

2. A Plethora of Options

The vibrancy offered by New York City is unique. Its no-nonsense, fast-talking, straight-to-the-point, business-friendly environment is what sets it apart and makes it a major international destination. It has a wealth of financing options, incubators, a multicultural workforce, and a world-class technical infrastructure that rivals cities like London and Seoul. — Ajay Singhal, On the Right Track Systems, Inc.

3. Ambitious, Talented Professionals

I believe every business starts with the people, and New York City has an incredible pool of ambitious, talented candidates. In addition, New York is full of other innovative companies with professionals who are open to sharing their perspective and ideas over a cup of coffee. From a product perspective, New York is full of early adopters who are active on social networks, so it’s a good city for startups to test products in a real-world environment and find early advocates. — Ludovic Huraux, Shapr

Forbes New York Business Council is the foremost growth and networking organization for business owners in Greater New York City. Do I qualify?

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4. Endless Opportunities For Networking

Today you can open and run your business from almost anywhere, as long as you have your laptop and internet connection. What makes this city so special is that there are endless amounts of professional and networking meetups taking place every day. You can find co-founders, mentors, professionals, office space mates … you name it! Discover those events via, social media or even co-working spaces, such as Think Rise New York. Just keep in mind, although it is always great to meet and hang out with new people, make sure you pick events and meetups which are actually relevant to you and your goals. — Yana Zaidiner, token payments, Inc.

5. The Density Of Talent and Diversity of Industries

Firstly, the people density in New York City is so high that the friction for in-person meetings is low, especially in Manhattan. This builds trust and makes it easy to collaborate and share ideas. Secondly, the meritocratic nature of the city provides opportunities for young talent to interact with established professionals, matching up creativity and ambition with resources and experience. Lastly, being home to multiple industries, NYC provides ample ground for the cross-pollination of ideas. I’m reminded of this in our software work, where I’m repeatedly humbled by the industry-specific business problems I get to apply our tech and product expertise to. — Henry Xie, Simple Fractal

6. A Vibrant Ecosystem That Fuels Innovation And Growth

The ecosystem in New York City is ideal. Not many cities have the access to capital that we enjoy. Other cities can take note by creating favorable regulatory environments. Regulatory support at the local and state level is important for us. A pro-renewable energy agenda attracts new businesses and creates its own support structure. It’s not about one company, it’s about the ecosystem: capital, talent, suppliers and customers all close at hand. This is what creates a win-win culture that helps us develop and helps the city and state achieve their agenda. — Omer Ghani, Kilowatt Labs.

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